Java Swing Dialog

A dialog box is a component that allows users to communicate with the computer by entering inter-related data, responding to a question, or confirming their actions.

There are two kinds of dialog boxes: model and modeless. 

A modal dialog box blocks interaction from the parent window which initiates the dialog while a modeless dialog does not. A good UI design should use a modeless dialog box as much as possible since it does not force users into a specific mode of operation.

In Java swing, there are several ways to create a dialog boxes:

  • Simple dialog: for simple dialog boxes such as displaying confirmation, asking for simple data…etc you can use JOptionPane.
  • Standard chooser: for standard choosers dialog boxes such as file chooser or color chooser you can use JFileChooser or JColorChooser.
  • Complex data: For complex dialog, you can use JDialog class. Check out an example of creating a login dialog using JDialog class.