Programming Made Easy

If you’re looking to learn how to code with easy-to-follow tutorials and practical examples, you can start with our tutorials.

Web development

  • JavaScript – master JavaScript and develop the next JavaScript applications like a Pro.
  • TypeScript – learn how to enhance JavaScript by adding a type system using TypeScript.
  • PHP – learn PHP programming from scratch.


  • JSP – provide you with basic Java Server Pages (JSP) to help you build web applications.
  • Java Swing – learn how to develop a Java desktop-based application using Java Swing.


  • Python – learn Python programming from scratch.
  • C# – learn C# programming from scratch.
  • Dart – walk you through the Dart programming and flutter framework.

Data Processing

  • SQL – learn basic SQL and how to write SQL queries like a pro.
  • Data Warehouse – learn about data warehouses and their architectures.
  • Data Mining – introduce to you the data mining, architectures, and processes.