Data Mining

The data mining tutorial section gives you a brief introduction of data mining, its important concepts, architectures, processes, and applications. If you are new to data mining and looking for a good overview of data mining, this section is designed just for you.

What data mining tutorial covers

Data Mining Tutorial

  • What is data mining– discusses about data explosion, knowledge discovery and provides some common definitions of data mining.
  • Data mining architecture¬†– covers various data mining architectures and discusses advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Advantages & disadvantages of data mining – discusses the advantages and disadvantages of data mining using by businesses, society, governments, and individual.
  • Data mining processes – ¬†provides the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining or CRSP-DM, one of the most well-known and practical data mining process.
  • Applications of data mining – look into data mining applications in various areas including sales/marketing, banking, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and medicine.
  • Data mining techniques – give you a brief overview of common data mining techniques.
  • Data mining and warehousing – discusses the data mining and data warehouse.

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