PHP Compare Objects

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to compare objects in PHP using comparison operator ( ==) and identity operator ( ===).

Let’s create a new class for demonstration.

The Point class has two properties:  $x coordinate and  $y coordinate.

Comparing objects using comparison operator (==)

When we compare objects using comparison operator ( ==), two objects are equal if they are the instances of the same class and have the same properties and values.

Let’s add a static method to compare two Point objects:

Now, we create two new objects with the same properties’ values and compare them:

Two Points are equal.

We can assign  $p2 to a new reference $p3, both  $p2 and  $p3 are pointing the the same object.

$p2 and  $p3 are equal as well.

Now we can create a new point object with different properties’ values and compare it with $p3:

$p3 and  $p4 are not equal.

Comparing objects using identity operator (===)

When you use the identity operator to compare objects, they are identical if and only if both of them refer the the same instance of class.

The following  $p1 and  $p2 objects are identical when we use identity operator ( ===) to compare because they are all refer to the same object.

However the following  $p3 object is not identical to the  $p1 even their properties values are the equal.

You can download the script file of the PHP compare objects tutorial via the following link:

PHP Compare Objects (1247 downloads)

In this tutorial, we have shown you to compare object for equality and identity.

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