C Data Types

C Data TypesC uses data types to describe various kinds of data such as integers, floating-point numbers, and characters. In C, an object refers to a memory location where its content represents a value. If you assign an object a name, that object becomes a variable. A data type determines the number of bytes allocated to the variable and valid operations can be performed on it.

C provides you with various data types that can be classified into the following groups:

It is important to notice that function type depicts the interface of a function. It specifies types of parameters and returns type of the function.

C data types can be also classified differently into the following groups:

  • Arithmetic types include basic types and enumerated types
  • Scalar types include arithmetic types and pointer types
  • Aggregate types include array types and structure types.

We are going to dissect each C data type in more detail so you know what data type is applicable in a particular programming context and you can use it effectively in your program.

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