C Tutorial

Welcome to the C Tutorial! the C developer’s resources for everything related to the C programming language.

If you are…

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This C tutorial was created to solve such problems.

C Tutorial

C Tutorial

First, let’s begin with a simple question: What is C programming language? C is a general-purpose and procedure programming language. It is a powerful programming language for developing robust system software and portable software effectively.

Next, you might wonder how to start learning C programming language? You need a good integrated development environment (IDE) to get started quickly with C. We are highly recommended that you begin with CodeBlocks IDE and follow the step-by-step tutorial to download and install CodeBlocks IDE for C.

Then, you can get started with C programming by writing the first C program.

After that, you can go through our C tutorial covering the following topics:

File I/O

A file is used to store a collection of related data. C treats a file as a sequence of bytes. In C, files are not only the files that reside on the disk but also devices such as printers and terminals.

C library provides many handy functions for manipulating files. In this section, we will examine the commonly used C file I/O functions.

C Data Structures & Algorithms

If you already master the C programming and want find out how the most commonly used data structures and algorithms are implemented in C, you can find them in this data structures and algorithms section.

In this section, we will cover the most commonly used data structures such as stack, queue,  list, tree, etc., and algorithms including sorting, searching, etc., with screenshots, explanation and C source code available.

C References

Where can I get more references of the C language? Check it out the C references page.

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